The Aeolian Islands Tickets

    The Aeolian Islands, also known as the Lipari Islands, are an archipelago of Italy belonging to the Aeolian arch, in Sicily. The Aeolian Islands form an archipelago, made up of seven real islands, to which are added islets and rocks emerging from the sea. The seven islands are arranged in a Y-shape lying down, with the rod pointing towards the west; they are located off northern Sicily, facing the Tyrrhenian coast of Messina. They are therefore visible from most of the Tyrrhenian coast of Sicily and the southern part of Calabria, when visibility is excellent and no haze is present.

    The seven islands are:

    1. Lipari

    2. Salina

    3. Volcano

    4. Stromboli

    5. Filicudi 

    6.  Alicudi,

    7.  Panarea

    The Aeolian Islands, all of volcanic origin, are located in the southern Tyrrhenian Sea facing the northern coast of Sicily at Cape Milazzo, from which they are less than 12 nautical miles away.