Tour Lipari – Panarea – Stromboli by Night

    Departure from Vibo Marina: 08:30
    Departure from the Port of Vibo Marina. Boarding starts 20 minutes earlier
    Departure from Tropea: 10:00
    Departure from Port of Tropea. Boarding starts 30 minutes earlier

    Arrival in Lipari : 12:15
    Arrival in Lipari, port of Marina Corta. Stop of about 2.30 hours. There are numerous activities that can be undertaken on the island: how to visit the Archaeological Museum of Lipari;walk on the main street; lunch in affiliated restaurants and rotisseries; Island tour by boat or bus. Bathing on the beach is not recommended, as you would have to hire a taxi to get to the nearest beaches. We recommend swimming on the first and last islands as the beaches are close to the landing site.

    Departure from Lipari: 14:45
    Departure from Lipari, port of Marina Corta. Boarding operations start 10 minutes before at the meeting point designated by the guide

    Arrival in Panarea: 15:35 pmarrival in Panarea, port of San Pietro. Stop for a visit to the village and, for those who wish, it will be possible to reach the small prehistoric village or swim in Calajunco. To reach these two destinations it takes 40/45 minutes of walking. It is recommended to hire a taxi. It is recommended to book the return journey with the driver, to avoid not finding a vehicle in time for re-boarding. 15:40

    Departure from Panarea: 17:00 pm
    Departure from Panarea. Boarding operations start 10 minutes before at the meeting point designated by the guide

    Arrival in Stromboli: 17:30 Arrival in Stromboli, Scari port. Stop of about 1.30 hours to visit the village of San Vincenzo, go shopping or swim or walk on the famous black volcanic sand beaches.
    Crcumnavigation of Stromboli to admire the famous “Sciara del Fuoco”.

    Departure from Stromboli: 20:00 Start from Stromboli Porto Scari Circumnavigation of Stromboli to see the famous “Sciara del Fuoco”

    Circumnavigation of Strombolicchio: 20:30 pm
    Circumnavigation of Strombolicchio. Visit with a stop at the famous “Sciara del Fuoco” where we will stop for about 30 minutes to witness the spectacular explosions of the volcano.

    Departure from the Sciara del Fuoco: 21:45 pm
    Departure from the Sciara del Fuoco

    In case of unfavorable weather and sea condition,the commander,for the safety of passengers,can decice to not pass from the “Sciara del Fuoco”.

    Arrival at the port of Tropea: 11:15 PM
    Arrival at the port of Tropea

    Arrival at the port of Vibo Marina: 00:00 PM
    Arrival at the port of Vibo Marina



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